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We are a place of multifaceted health and wellness, of community, storytelling and visions of the abundant, life-sustaining  future. We are the place of opportunities, radical unlearning, dismantling the status quos, and transcending antiquated paradigms.
We are the hub of resources and information, where collaboration and care brings about community-oriented solutions.
Our focus is on unravelling the unique masterpiece that our life is.
We want to meet you and hear what makes you inspired. What makes you feel like you can jump to the moon and back? What brings you to your knees and resurrects you? What have you always wanted to say? And what do you want to create?
With our unique voice we collectively weave a harmonic foundation resonant with nature’s rhythm,  resplendent, luminous tapestry spanning eons of time and reaching into the best future for all. Light up your magic.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Came here a couple months ago as part of a bachelorette party, and we had the best time. Everyone was so nice and amazing at the procedures they offered. I got a mini-message which was amazing and made me feel like all the tension and stress I'd been carrying had been lifted off my shoulders. I can't recommend this place enough. Not only will I stop by here the next time I'm in Julian but I may just use it as an excuse to plan another trip there!”

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Meg M.

08/10/2019, 5.0 star rating

"This is the perfect place to get away from busy streets during apple days! My boyfriend and I had a Swedish couples massage and Vika and Steven were awesome and super attentive..."

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Rosey W.

10/15/2019, 5.0 star rating

"Best massage of my life!

After hiking the PCT for five days, it was wonderful to have a hot stone massage and reflexology. I felt the healing begin just walking in the spa and meeting Derek! He not only helped relax and heal my body, but my mind, too. He kindly shared suggestions on posture and really listening to my body on the trail. Today I hike on with a stronger body and mind as I conquer the challenge ahead.”

Read Holly G.'s review of Julian Mountain Spa on Trip Advisor

Holly G.

04/26/2019, 5.0 star rating

"This was the highlight of our trip to Julian. My fiancé and I had a very relaxing couples massage and ended with a facial. We plan to visit again on our next trip to Julian."

Read Omera G.'s review of Julian Mountain Spa on Yelp

Omera G.

07/14/2018, 5.0 star rating

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