Meet The Team

Our Holistic Practitioners at the Julian Wellness Center

Vika Golovanova

Vika Golovanova is a certified massage therapist, specializing in therapeutic massage and bodywork, pain relief, injury recovery and injury prevention. She applies principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to invite the body and mind to an essential balance and vitality. Vika completed Massage Therapist Program at Body Mind College in San Diego and continued her education at International Professional School of Bodywork and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine towards Holistic Health Practitioner program,  concentrating on Tui na – Traditional Chinese Medicine therapeutic massage. Her inspiration is natural bodies of water, blacksmithing and grace of belly dance.

Mark & Denise of Paradise

Experience Inner Peace and Healing… we bring to you the opportunity to  experience energetic healing and inner peace. In the sharing of sacred and ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, Paiste Planetary Gongs, Nepalese Gong, Quartz Crystal Bowls, Koshi Chimes, and other instruments, Denise and Mark carry a refreshing energetic field that they lovingly share with the world in concert settings, private and group healing therapies, and through the authenticity and love that defines the way they live their lives.

Shannon Wheelwright

Shannon Wheelwright is a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist and massage therapist. She completed her Masters’ in Science of Traditional Oriental Medicine along with an Associates in Holistic Science at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego. She has studied under Aquilino Soriano, one of the founders and owners of AcuSport Health Center, for seven years learning orthopedic acupuncture, pain management, and allergy elimination techniques. Shannon loves the integration of Eastern and Western medicine, her passion lies in helping you to achieve your optimal health!

Sheri Clark

Sheri Clark is a Certified Alternative-Healthcare Provider who specializes in medical massage and health coaching. In the healing arts, she is cross-skilled in both, conventional and holistic/traditional medicine. She been in the healthcare arena for twenty-five plus years servicing individuals from all walks of life diagnosed with acute/chronic conditions, injuries, & terminal diseases. She also treats individuals who desire a healthy maintenance plan as they are walking their wellness journey. Her massage treatments are integrated and customized based upon the needs to help her client’s body naturally heal and bring into balance & harmony with the goal to deliver optimum range of motion and pain relief as well.

Derek Porter

Derek Porter is a certified massage therapist graduate from the International Professional School of Massage and Bodywork. Specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, he utilizes multiple techniques of bodywork. The primary method used is “Tui Na”. This Push, Pull method encompasses the individuals needs to come back into harmony within by using various palpations, stretches, and acupoints. Balance and Wellness, first and foremost.

Chantel S. Kyle

Chantel Kyle is a Master Esthetician, a mother, and has been a Julian local for 30 years. Chantel feels that working in skincare is truly rewarding as she gets to meet all the wonderful people and hear their stories. She studies and analyzes the skin to identify specific concerns and conditions and creates custom treatments to reveal your radiant, healthy skin. She treats dark spots, acne, fine lines and wrinkles to name a few, as well as incorporates LED light therapy in the facial treatments. Chantel invites you to come on in, enjoy the spa atmosphere and love your skin.

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